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Hopefully you will all have fun meeting singles and try out this online dating thing... 70 Tauren druid (Feral Spec) / Tanaris Looked at EVE and Wo W, could only get a trial with eve and so never bothered with wow, getting a stream of refugees heading into eve and getting amazed that they can kill AI bots by themselves and not need 40 other players to help them :)i feel ya, i have an EVE acct as well, but they just dont sell time cards anymore so i havent been able to re-up... It was so ridiculously easy farming gold on my Warlock, i think i did it at deaths door and smurfed the gold a few times and managed to sell 15k before getting banned.

32 lvl tank/dps dark elflvl 70 Affliction Undead Warlock who started on the server Cenarius, who later moved to Kul Tiras I also have a lvl 61 Arms Human Warrior, that was my original character, but got moth-balled. I haven't played long, maybe about 3-4 monthes before Burning Crusade came out.