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As people started to explore the globe, biscuits (hardtack) became the ideal traveling food, because they stayed fresh for long periods Hardtack proved a portable food that had a long storage life and was perfect for traveling.

For centuries, a ship’s biscuit, an iron-like cracker, was aboard any ship that left port because it could last for months (even years under the right conditions).

1615 – To make the best jumbles, take the whites of three eggs and beat them well, and take off the veil; then take a little milk and a pound of fine wheat flour and sugar together finely sifted, and a few aniseeds well rubbed and dried; and then work all together as stiff as you can work it, and so make them in what forms you please, and bake them in a soft oven upon white papers.

To make jumbles more fine and curious than the former, and near to the taste of the macaroon; take a pound of sugar, beat it fine; then take as much fine wheat flour and mix them together, then take two whites and one yolk of an egg, half a quarter of a pound of blanched almonds; then beat them very fine all together with half a dish of sweet butter, and a spoonful of rose-water, and so work it with a little cream till it come to a very stiff paste, then roll them forth as you please: and hereto you shall also, if you please, add a few dried aniseeds finely rubbed and strewed into the paste, and also coriander seed.

Sugar spread to Persia and then to the Eastern Mediterranean.

With the Muslim invasion of Spain, then the Crusades and the developing spice trade, the cooking techniques and ingredients of Arabia spread into Northern Europe.

A more literary criticism-friendly technical term for it would be thinks the Word of Dante applies to the original work, and so it gets mixed into future adaptations and popular allusions.

If there a Word of God, however, then what Word of Dante does get produced is just as likely as Fanon to be Jossed at some point. May also help create Misaimed Fandom if the Dante's ideas contradict true canonicity or Word of God.

By having guilds, authorities could easily regulate the amount and quality of goods baked.

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Antal sider: 279 Indbinding: Helshirting med smudsomslag. Hun reflekterer over ligheden mellem nabosprogene svensk og dansk. 1941) skildring af sin barndom og opvkst p Vesterbro i 1940'ernes og 1950'ernes Kbenhavn. Navn p smudstitelblad [546282]Bonde, Jens-Peter Mamma mia - om 25 rs kamp for benhed i EU. 1948) fortller, efter 25 r i EU-parlamentet, om sine oplevelser i forbindelse med arbejdet i EU. 1943) beretter om sit eget liv og om sit lange politiliv, hvor halvdelen blev tilbragt p Rejseholdet og sluttede i PET. … continue reading »

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