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The government has rejected these charges, insisting that it is upholding the rule of law while the army also rejects accusations of abuses and is publicly questioning the bona fides of those raising such concerns.

Protests by those supporting the leader of the Independent Peoples of Biafra (IPOB) have, in some instances, also been met with violent crackdowns.

It also proposed amendments that would bring the Act's provisions into line with human rights requirements.

However, some religious groups have alleged that the real motive of the Act is to spread Islam in Nigeria.

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Nigeria is a federal republic whose basic law is the 1999 Constitution (as amended in 2010).

As a former British colony, the legal system of Nigeria follows the common law tradition, but there is also provision for the application of traditional or indigenous customary laws and Shari’a (i.e. Customary and Shari’a law were previously limited to civil matters where all the parties consented, but after 1999 some states in the northern part of Nigeria extended Shari’a law to criminal matters and social interaction.

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The opposition alliance, All Progressives Congres (APC), won the Presidential elections, a majority of the seats in the two houses of the National Assembly, and recorded major successes at the State level.

The Federal Government has, at least in some cases, however, deployed the police to protect--rather than thwart--protests.

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