Sammi cheng and andy hui dating

17-Sep-2017 20:05

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As the Deputy Editor of STYLE Magazine, Vivian represents the publication at various fashion and luxury events including Paris Haute Couture Week and Salon International de la Haute Horlogerie.

Vivian’s beat focuses on fashion, watches and jewellery.

The Hong Kong media reported that the 1,700-square feet (approximately 158 square metres) luxury apartment in Yukon Court is worth HK million (SG .7 million) and renovation work for the unit had been completed.

It is believed that the couple is currently busy decorating their apartment, and hopes to move in during the Mid Autumn Festival in September.

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Vivian also manages the magazine’s social media platforms and digital content.

As reported on Sina News, the singer, who had an interview with a radio station recently, stated, "I really don't have any plan [to have children].

There's too much pressure from the society nowadays."Andy stated that he has no desire to bring a baby into the world and force him or her to go to the best school and become famous for anything."Both Sammi and I have agreed on this," he said.

Otherwise, she would be accompanying Andy at Yukon Court, taking the opportunity to spend more quality time together.

21 Apr - Following Sammi Cheng's previous statement that she doesn't plan to have children, husband Andy Hui recently expressed his shared view on the matter.

Talking about his friend William So who had just become the father of a son, Andy said he recently received many baby photos from his friends and they all looked alike, and he could hardly tell the differences between them.