Online dating criminal background checks

26-Oct-2017 09:30

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If their social media profile is not private, you may even get to see content that they have written or posted, so you can get a glimpse into their life and personality.You may even be able to see if your potential date has a history of cheating.Because a national criminal database is not publicly available, most online national background checks go through each individual state's database.A country-wide check is the best choice if your date has moved around the U. Regardless of the type of background check you do, it will contain information about convictions, arrests, court records, sex offenses, warrants, and incarceration records.Search engines are a great place to start to begin cross-referencing what you may already know about your date.Maybe they have disclosed where they work or a local club they are involved with.Use any public information you find as a starting point, then dig further and branch out to pinpoint more information. These can be found online by running a background check within the county, state, or entire country.It is important to keep in mind that county records only show the crimes for that specific area.

While you may not be able to uncover important details such as arrests or evictions, search engines can help you get a healthy start on significant information.

Because of this, you will want to run all adjacent counties to get the details you need.

If you are unaware of the counties your date has been in, it may be better to opt for a state criminal background check.

Recent television shows and documentaries that show people who pretend to be someone who they aren't on the internet has created a surge in false online identities.

The FBI reports that investigators are finding that more and more people are becoming victims of online emotional predators.

Additionally, according to the National Academy of Sciences, about one-third of married couples today met online.

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