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09-Jun-2017 14:43

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A former Democratic congressional aide who pleaded guilty last year to raping two women was spared jail time on Friday because horrific disfiguring injuries he suffered in an unrelated 2013 acid attack.

Donny Ray Williams, who was once a staffer for the Senate Homeland Security subcommittee, slipped an intern Ambien in 2010 before having sex with her while she lay unconscious. prosecutors on Friday asked that Williams be spared prison time because he is himself the victim of a crime - the effects of which will mar the remainder of his life, Washington Post reports.

Sassy, streetwise Max works two jobs just to get by, one of which is waiting tables during the night shift at the retro-hip Williamsburg Diner.

Sophisticated Caroline is an uptown trust fund princess who's having a run of bad luck that forces her to reluctantly give waitressing a shot.

“It was amazing.” The couple chose their daughter’s name to honor Hoppy’s brother Bryan, who was killed in a car accident 19 years ago.

“They used to call him Bryn as a nickname,” she explains.

“Jason is the burper and diaper changer,” the natural foods chef laughs.

“He loves it when she goes to the bathroom because he has a project!

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When Caroline discovers Max's knack for baking amazing cupcakes, she sees a lucrative future for them, but they first need to raise the start-up money. The actresses that play the lead roles are perfectly cast.

He's now blind in one eye and nearly blind in the other Much of his face is now gnarled and disfigured and he currently has a massive lump at the top of his skull where doctors have surgically implanted a rod that stretches his skin in order to promote healing.