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The displaced Greek dynasties resettled to the southeast in areas of the Hindu Kush and the Indus basin (in present day Pakistan), occupying the western part of the Indo-Greek Kingdom.

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It gives the general outline of the history of the dynasty with an account of its major princes, princes whose portraits are found in India and Afghanistan as traces of a cult of deified kings, and demonstrates that the strong affiliation between the dynasty itself and Parthian civilization had a profound impact upon the development of Buddhist art both in India and the Far East. Rosenfiled is Professor of Fine Arts at the Fogg Art Museum, Harvard Universtiy, Cambridge, Masssachusetts. THE CREATION OF THE EMPIRE     THE NAME AND LANGUAGE OF THE KUSHANS / 7     THE KUSHANS BEFORE THEIR ENTRY INTO INDIA / 9         THE NOMADIC PERIOD         SETTLEMENT IN THE OXUS REGION         CREATION OF THE KUSHAN EMPIRE     KUJULA KADPHISES / 11         KUJULA'S COINAGE         EPIGRAPHIC EVIDENCE         HERAOS, HYRKODES, PHSEIGACHARIS     VIMA KADPHISES /17         SOTER MEGAS         VIMA'S GOLD COINAGE         EPIGRAPHIC REFERENCES         VIMA'S COIN TYPESII.Archaeological structures are known in Takht-I-Sangin, Surkh Kotal (a monumental temple), and in the palace of Khalchayan.Various sculptures and friezes are known, representing horse-riding archers, (a practice well attested in nomadic Central Asia).The period of Kushan supremacy paralleled that of the Roman Empire in its prime; men, ideas and artistic motifs moved freely along the trade routes linking the Kushans, the Parthians, China and the Roman West, creating an atmosphere of extraordinary cosmopolitanism and prosperity.

Yet the record of this dynasty virtually faded from history until a hundred year ago, when scholars became increasingly aware of the in the development of the art, religion, and statecraft of the time.The word Gusur is referred in the Rabatak inscription of Kushan king Kanishka.

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